Thymrevit® Revitalizing Capsules

Dietetic foodstuff for special medical purposes (complementary balanced diet)

For the dietetic treatment of illnesses associated with immune disorders and immune weakness, especially also cancers, severe infections and to restore the immune system after chemotherapy, operative interventions and radiation treatment.

Thymrevit Revitalizing Capsules 1 mg

With the fully synthetic GKL 03 Peptide Complex which is identical to natural substances, consisting of the short-chain tetrapeptides which are typical of the thymus. Produced from mainly plant-based amino acids. For preventive use in particular, and should be dosed individually!

Modulation and regulation of the immune processes

When taken orally, the synthetic thymus peptides contained in the active substance GKL03, which are identical to natural substances, lead to modulation or as necessary regulation of these important immune processes. Experience and studies have proved that even in cases of severe immune disorders, the use of thymus peptides can achieve an improvement in the immune situation and thus also the illness.


In cases of chronic infections and weakened immune systems, treatment using thymus peptides mobilizes the defensive forces. Strong defences mean being ill less often and getting healthy faster. Further information is available from your doctor or pharmacist!

Thymrevit® Revitalizing Capsules

Recommended intake

Unless recommended otherwise, take 1 capsule every morning before breakfast with a glass of water. Further information is available on the package leaflet.

Important information:

Not a complete food. Complementary balanced diet, only to be used under medical supervision. Please not the instructions on use. Not to be stored at above 25 °C. Store out of reach of young children.

Thymrevit® Revitalizing Capsules

Nutritional values

Calorific value:

kccal 3,5mg/Capsule; 703g/100g
kJ 14,5mg/Capsule; 2900g/100g
Protein: 91,5mg/Capsule; 18,2g/100g
Carbohydrates: 44,9mg/Capsule; 9,0g/100g
Fat: 339mg/Capsule; 67,6g/100g

GKL-03 peptide complex consisting of:

Glycine, Glutamic acid, Proline, Lysine, Arginine, Alanine, Asparagine acid, Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Threonine, Serine, Phenylalanine, Metheonine, Histidine, Cystine, Tyrosine

In a departure from Annex 6 of the German regulations on foods for special dietary uses, Thymrevit® does not contain any vitamins and minerals. Dietetic treatment takes place on the basis of the peptide complex GKL-03